A session of absolute TLC is what I get when I go to see Shipra. Shipra is to my back and wellbeing as water is to a blade of grass. Not only does my back leave Shipra’s feeling treated, so does my soul.

R. Pabari

“I have found that my visits to Shipra for treatment have contributed not only to my physical but also my emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. I experience Shipra’s holistic approach and her personal presence as gifts of which I am privileged to be the recipient.

I am a psychotherapist and I have referred several of my clients successfully to Shipra where there is a need for a treatment which integrates an understanding of the origins of the physics and symptoms of the client with as understanding of their uniqueness in body, mind and soul.

I cannot speak highly enough of the benefits which I have experienced from each session I have had with Shipra over the last 3 years!”

B. Hopwood


“Please take this as an accurate statement and no exaggerated sentiment – Shipra has magic hands. I have gone in bent over and walked out straight. Shipra’s skill is extraordinary, and backed by a strength you’d never suspect.”

S. Suri


Shipra is an extremely professional osteopath who is approachable, caring, a good listener and who always seems to find a way to get positive results.

She has treated me for various muscular conditions over the last 10 years including: Neck pain, back pain, tennis elbow and I normally start to feel the benefits of her treatment immediately.

She is experienced in a number of treatments and therefore able to select the most appropriate way forward dependent on the patient’s specific condition. She has successfully treated me with acupuncture on a number of occasions in addition to the more standard massage and manipulation techniques.

I have no hesitation in recommending her very highly.

S. Carter


I originally went to Mrs. Amin’s clinic for treatment to my neck. Through pressure of work, lack of exercise and an air-conditioning draught at work, the stiffness in my neck had reached a point where I could no longer sleep. Mrs. Amin cured me of my problem in a matter of weeks. As a retired person I still attend her clinic on a regular basis in order to help me keep fit and because I leave her clinic feeling better for the treatment. Mrs. Amin is one of those individuals who treat their patients not for the money but simply to keep them feeling well.

H. Young


I have been treated by Shipra for over ten years. I have had various injuries over that period having played a multitude of sports. I also go once a month for preventative treatment on my back. I only let Shipra treat my aliments. I never used to like needles, bull have had many acupuncture treatments with no problems. I can honestly say the help, experience and treatment I have had over the years has kept me playing sport still at 57.

All of my friends who I have recommended to Shipra do not go anywhere else. If there is something she cannot treat, she is totally honest with you and does not tag you along just to get money off of you like some organisations, and she won’t leave you in the dark if she cannot help. Shipra always finds a solution somewhere. Once again I could not recommend Shipra any higher.

L. Seabrook


I would like to say a massive thanks to Shipra. I was diagnosed with disc degeneration and have been suffering from severe back pain for many years.

After visiting her to have acupuncture and other treatments, I can proudly say “great service” she is fantastic. I can feel the difference just after a few treatments and I am able to move around with less pain.

I highly recommend her to anyone.

S. Cholera


I have been seeing Shipra for over two years. She was recommended to me by my sisters from Dubai. In fact a couple of years ago my sister flew over from Dubai especially to have treatment from Shipra having visited her on many occasions whilst she was living in the UK. My sisters always talked about how the treatment left them feeling de-stressed, calm, and relaxed, in fact their words were, the powers of natural healing and magic hands is a feeling to be experienced by all!

Unsure of what to expect I booked 6 sessions. With a stressful job and busy lifestyle I felt I was entitled to a little of me time!

I often attended and attend my sessions extremely stressed, worn out and ready to quit! More recently on the 11th December 2012. On entering the therapy room I immediately feel at ease, relaxed, comfortable and am able to offload my stresses to Shipra in total confidence. The ambience, cleanliness, background relaxing instrumental music, and refreshing calming oils burning in the background are all added bonuses to the treatment received. On occasions I’ve become tearful but have always made to feel at ease and comfortable.

The treatment I have received has been amazing; I have recommended Shipra to 3 of my friends who have also given glowing reports. I have experienced reiki, cupping, acupuncture and deep muscle -the best treatment because all have worked for me in different stages of my life. I am very grateful to Shipra for her commitment, knowledge and passion she has in her job and this is clearly evident when I receive the best level of treatment. I am also very grateful for all of the advice I have received and continue to receive to help my well being.

I will continue to recommend Shipra to anyone that requires a little bit of Me Time as I truly feel that even one session can leave you wanting more. Thank you Shipra and God bless you.

N. Judge


As a patient and relative and friend of patients who are looked after by the wonderful Shipra Amin, I would like to share with others my experiences and those of others.

As soon as you become a patient of Shipra you realise that you are dealing with a very experienced unique professional, whose interests in your well being is remarkably genuine.

Having reached Shipra’s clinic at a very crucial moment of life, I have benefited immensely after the treatments received through acupuncture, massage and reiki. After each treatment my energy flow is very intense, although I was passing through a dreadful depression, very unusual for me, Shipra managed thorough the treatments to bring back an explosion of positive energy, positive thinking and it is thanks to her that I somehow regained my confidence, optimism but also my well being. My insomnia has well passed, and after just two treatments a very bad form of skin disease (looking like psoriasis) which made me for weeks and weeks want to hide my hands, started to disappear.

My mother is suffering from a very uncommon horrible form of rheumatoid arthritis. She is a patient of Shipra since August last year and it is amazing to see the wonderful results Shipra’s magic treatments have produced. I say magic because there is a general magic feeling one feels in the clinic and around Shipra. My mother can now make movements she never thought she will ever be able to do again, her spirit has lifted and she has changed so much in a positive way, regained her confidence and her appetite for living.

Other patients I know, generally skeptic to alternative medicine, have seen themselves healed and after months of healing are still following Shipra’s advice.

There are clinics that treat you in a very professional way, but where there lacks a personal touch. You are treated as a patient, but this is where the line is drawn. One only needs to meet Shipra once to realise she is different, and her amazing positive energy which flows around her is addictive for her patients.

If I were to summarize very shortly Shipra Amin’s clinic I would describe it as a tiny place of heaven. A haven of wellbeing, of excellent care and of gentle healing.

Cristina Irimie